What is the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative?

The Marianist Social Justice Collaborative (MSJC) began in 1998 as a means to promote education and action for social justice within the Marianist Family.

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Since our founding, we have continued to work for the following vision:

to educate the Marianist Family about social justice

to help Marianist Family members network around common social justice concerns

to serve as an advocate for a more just social order and a sustainable environment 

to provide community reflection and support for Marianists to do the work of justice in the world and in their lives

2020 Annual Appeal

MSJC's official annual appeal has just started and will continue until the end of the calendar year. A gift to the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative will allow us to provide more staff support to our issue teams, to continue to offer a wide variety of justice-centered programs and to advance our work in protecting the most vulnerable of our society. For additional details, read our full 2020 Annual Appeal Letter. Consider donating here today and thank you!

LGBT Video and Video Guide Now in Spanish!

What's New

With the help of some of our Marianist friends in Peru, the LGBT Initiative Team has added Spanish subtitles to their video Living our Marianist Charism: Embracing the LGBTQ+ Community. Additionally, the team has worked very hard to make a Spanish-translated version of the video resource guide: Guía de Recursos del Video
This is a positive and inclusive step for our team and they will continue to translate some of their other resources into Spanish (and hopefully other languages in the future). Please spread the word that our video and video guide can be accessed in Spanish! 

MSJC focuses on seven specific social justice issues. These issues are tackled by issue teams that plan yearly goals, create resources for Marianists to use, organize legislative support and outreach, work in collaboration with other justice-oriented organizations, and much more!

Our Issue Teams

Racial Justice

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Environmental Justice

coordinated by the Marianist
Environmental education center

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Women + Justice

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LGBT Initiative

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Immigrant Justice

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Death Penalty Abolition
and Restorative Justice

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Adele Social Justice

Young Adult Outreach

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Other Programs

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December 2020

Justice Jottings Highlights

Advent Reflection on John the Baptist by Brad Leger

Advent Reflection - "For Some Time..." by Tom Redmond

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